Ronald’s trouble on vacation: A 50-million-dollar truck had to be towed away

One of Cristiano Ronaldo’s employees is in big trouble. He caused a car accident, during which a luxury car worth almost 50 million crowns, which belongs to the famous Portuguese, was damaged.

The accident took place on the island of Mallorca, where Ronaldo is taking a break after a busy season. According to The Sun, a Bugatti Veyron was driven by one of the Portuguese footballer’s bodyguards and crashed into the wall with it.

The incident was being investigated by the local police and no other car was involved. There was no injury, only property damage.

According to Crónico Balear, the driver of the crashed car got into another vehicle, drove off and left another employee at the scene to solve everything. The towing service finally arrived for the expensive sports car.

Ronald and his son are on holiday in Mallorca, celebrating goals just like Dad:

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