Roland Garros Revealed during Raf’s voyage. It’s clear now, the magazine writes after the triumph of the big news

Some media have already sounded the alarm at the tournament in Paris. When Rafa made history with the 22nd Grand Slam triumph, her eyes were fixed on his wife and her “suspicious” change in dress style. She was wearing a comfortable, looser dress. And not once.

After a triumph and endless debates about the injury, Nadal and his partner went to Mallorca. It is from moments of rest that the photos, which according to ¡HOLA! they leave no room for doubt about the tennis player’s partner’s pregnancy.

According to the website, María is clearly revealing her new pregnancy silhouette in a swimsuit. However, the couple themselves have not yet confirmed the novelty.

Nadal and his wife spend time aboard the Great White, a twenty-four-meter motor catamaran. The ship is said to be considered the best in its class in the world.



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