Rob Gronkowski, the listed NFL player that everyone wanted as a partner

Rob Gronkowski announced his retirement from the NFL gridiron for the second time (Photo: Andy Lewis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Rob Gronkowski will no longer be in NFL gridirons. His story in American sports culminated and He left through the front door. The now former tight end of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers announced, for the second time, his departure from the courts. The truth is leave a legacy behindthe one of to be one of the most valued companions of the American league.

It is not for less, their four super bowl rings show that Rob became one of the most preferred partners in the teams where he played. You can’t talk about Gronkowski without mentioning Tom Brady, or Brady without Gronk. Both players marked one of the times that, although it is hard for many to say so, raised the name of the New England Patriots.

Like nail and dirt. Like quarterback and Tight End. Thanks to his position, capacity and corpulence, Gronkwoski was the favorite sidekick of your closest QB. It is known that the safest hands for pitchers are those that play inside and make short trajectories, this was perfectly understood by the graduate of the University of Arizona and polished it to the max to make winning partnerships.

In his professional career he accumulated a total of 621 receptions, 9,286 yards and a total of 92 touchdowns. In eleven years of career she won a total of four Super Bowl championshipsthree with Patriots and one with Buccaneersafter Brady rescued him from his first withdrawal. Both needed each other and they had no nerve to admit it.

In 2018, Gronk had announced his first retirement. Because injuries that afflicted him, born in New York, warned that he would put aside the touchdowns and focus on his health. Two years later, Tom Brady, partner and friend, convinced him to return to professionalism but this time with the Bucs.

The history of Tom Brady as the best passer in the history of the NFL leaves an extensive debate for football fans Is he or is he not the best of all time? De either way it’s hard to understand the answer without it Rob will play together as his main associate: “It’s hard not to have a connection with him. It’s so easy to be your partner and throw the ball. His position is critical to a quarterback’s success. He has incredible athletic ability, the physicality of him and all that matters, but he is a very smart player”, mentioned the quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers YouTube channel.

Rob Gronkowski won four Super Bowl rings during his 11-year career (Photo: Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images)

Rob Gronkowski won four Super Bowl rings during his 11-year career (Photo: Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images)

No one would have imagined such a historic duo without knowing how the second brother of the five started Gronkowski. Rob was drawn in 42nd place in the second round of 2010 NFL Draftsomething that shook him in his being, because he trusted his virtues: “I had never seen Rob in a bad mood, until 2010 when I saw him upset because he did not enter the first round of the Draft”, commented his mother, Diane Gronkowski for ESPN.

The sports brotherhood he made with Brady would not have been possible without the presence of Bill Belichickwho trusted the player from 1.98 meters almost over a decade ago. The coach who took on the Pats in 2000 was the main promoter of the duo that would later become the couple with the second highest number of touchdowns since football was created, crossed the 100 markbehind of Peyton Manning y Marin Harrison con 114.

Rob Gronkowski he had a close friendship with the ovoid. Of 960 pass attempts, 621 receptions. In addition to the fact that during his career as a tight end only he released the ball five times to give it to the rival as a fumble.

Her good relationship not only showed her in the yards, but also as tv star. Those who felt seduced by the charisma that Gronk showed on the pitch were the brands that required him for their advertising commercials: Nike, T-Mobile, NFL, EA SPORTS, Manscaped, were some firms where he participated as the protagonist of their ads. The man “Yo Soy Fiesta” can boast of having been one of the best couples in american football in any field.


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