River Plate puts a deadline on the possible transfer of Miguel Borja: Junior, under pressure | Colombian Soccer | Betplay League

Miguel Borja strips the daisy. Or maybe not. Perhaps he already did it, but now he just lacked the petals that are not within his reach, those that have to do with the clubs that own his sports rights.

Two days ago the operation was 70 percent closed, the player and Junior had already agreed on their terms and it was a matter of finalizing other details. But then a third party appeared: Palmeiras, owner of 50 percent of the player’s economic rights.

From the beginning, sources close to the soccer player confirmed to FUTBOLRED two details: that the negotiation would hardly be closed for less than 8 or 10 million dollars and that the deadline to reach an agreement would be June 26, since it is the time allowed for the registration of the striker in the Copa Libertadores. Everything has been fulfilled.

On the economic issue, Junior would have about 5 million left, a round deal since his investment, to bring him from Brazil, was 3.5 million. But the offer to Palmeiras would not have lived up to expectations and that would undo the deal.

The thing is that Palmeiras, as reported by the Argentine journalist Sebastián Srur, raised his claims and there would be a mess of Junior’s money that is hardly talked about: “the Borja thing got complicated. Palmeiras asks for more money for his 50%. And besides The Brazilians claim a debt of 2 million dollars from Junior for the striker,” he said on his Twitter account.

In Argentina it is said that it was the Brazilians who changed the conditions but in Colombia it is said that it was the directors of River who modified an offer that no longer closes Junior or Borja himself. What is the truth? It depends who you ask.

The truth is that the operation was complicated and now time is against it, because the date of the 26th is still definitive. Little remains to know the end of the novel.



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