Risaraldenses go with everything in the Bolivarian Games!

Julian Andres Santa

The flame of the Bolivarian Games is lit starting today and will go until July 5, in a sports event of the Olympic Cycle where for the first time in history, Risaralda will have a presence in 12 Colombia selections for an event of these magnitudes, who will participate with all the pride of not only wearing the colors of their department but of the entire country.

Historic figure for Risaralda

There will be a total of 17 athletes from Risaraldenses who will be present at the Bolivarian Games, where at the last minute the withdrawal of the athlete Angie Melissa Palacios was known, who due to her sporting merits had earned her quota with the Colombian athletics team, but the The injury he had and the short recovery time prevented him from joining this contest.

lead the delegation

The two world-class athletes, Sara José López Bueno and Jenny Marcela Arias Castañeda, lead the Risaralda delegation in Valduparense territory, where our team will have action in the following disciplines: badminton, handball, boxing, cycling, swimming, shooting sports, archery, women’s volleyball, women’s soccer, men’s soccer and beach volleyball.

They want to repeat medals

Continuing with these two mentioned athletes, let us remember that Sara López won four gold medals in archery at the last fairs, Santa Marta 2017, while Jenny Arias, did the same as Bolivarian champion in women’s boxing lightweight, so this time they hope to repeat that good performance.

strong in swimming

David Arias, athlete from the Risaraldense Swimming League, will play his second Bolivarianos, after having been present in Santa Marta 2017, where he won a bronze medal in the 200-meter butterfly and a silver medal in the 4 × 100 combined relay. “We have been preparing for these Bolivarian Games since November of last year. We hope to improve our marks and with that, be on the podium”.

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He will share with Céspedes

It is an honor to always be able to represent Risaralda and try to leave him on the podium at all times. It is a challenge and a happiness when it is achieved. We are going to Valledupar on Thursday, June 30, we start competitions on July 2, Céspedes begins with the 100-meter backstroke, on July 4 I go with 100 butterfly and my partner with 200 backstroke and on July 5 I go with 200 butterfly,” Arias pointed out.

Risaraldenses who were in Santa Marta 2017

Sarah Lopez

Jenny Arias

David Arias Gonzalez

David Cespedes

Juliana Giraldo

Daniela Alzate Moncada

Risaraldenses who will attend Valledupar 2022

Sara Jose Lopez / archery

Jagdeep Teji Singh / tiro con arco

Jaime Eduardo Gonzalez / Bowling

Danilo Caro Guarnieri / deportivo shooting

Camilo Alfredo Penilla / sports shooting

Juliana Giraldo Andrade / badminton

Jenny Arias / boxing

David Cespedes / swimming

David Arias / swimming

Camilo Rivera Gómez / beach volleyball

Alexia Maria Bejarano / handball

Daniela Alzate Moncada / rugby seven femenino

Angela Alzate Moncada / women’s rugby sevens

Fabio Castañeda / Mountain biking

Ana María Guzmán Zapata / women’s soccer

Laura Zapata / women’s floor volleyball

Tomás Hoyos López / men’s football


The Bolivarian Games will receive 3,500 athletes from 11 countries, in 32 sports.

The swimmer David Arias will seek his first gold medal in these events of the Olympic Cycle.



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