Risaralda makes history with the presence of athletes in the XIX Bolivarian Games

Pereira, June 22, 2022.

For the first time in history, the department will have a presence in 13 Colombian teams for an Olympic cycle event. Athletes who will proudly carry the yellow, blue and red national flag.

This Friday, June 24, the Bolivarian fairs are officially inaugurated in Valledupar, the capital of Cesar. Event where you will breathe an unparalleled smell of coffee, because a large delegation attends from our region.

Risaralda athletes are confirmed in athletics, badminton, boxing handball, cycling, swimming, sports shooting, archery, women’s volleyball, women’s soccer, men’s soccer and beach volleyball.

It will be 18 souls representing an entire department, enthusiastically carrying the brand that has been designed for them: ‘Risaralda Casta de Campeones’.

From world legends like Sara López, to Olympic Games athletes like Jenny Marcela Arias. It will be a party not to forget for Risaralda.

Sara López won four gold medals in archery in the past fairs, Santa Marta 2017; and Jenny Marcela Arias, did the same as the Bolivarian champion in women’s boxing lightweight.

David Arias, an athlete from the Risaraldense Swimming League, is one of those experienced in Olympic cycle events, since he competed in Santa Marta 2017, he shared:

“We have been preparing for these Bolivarian Games since November of last year. We hope to improve our marks and with that stay on the podium. Thank God this is the second Bolivarian Games, and we hope to improve the results of 5 years ago”.

Arias González won a bronze medal in the 200-meter butterfly and a silver medal in the 4×100 combined relay in the Samaria jousts.

“For us it is something very important because everything is the product of the work of the coaches who are supported by the Secretary of Sport, Recreation and Culture of Risaralda, by the Government of Risaralda, you can see, the work of the technical-methodological team is manifested , of all the people who somehow surrounded these processes. Having a participation of this number of athletes is important, for a department of the so-called boys but that is working on the idea of ​​maintaining sports performance for the 2023 National Games”, said Ómar Arboleda Ruíz, leading methodologist of the Secretary of Sport, Recreation and Culture.

Athletes who left the caste five years ago and in this 2022, want to revalidate the conditions as the best in the department and the best in the Bolivarian region.

Given: The Bolivarian Games will receive 3,500 athletes from 11 countries, in 32 sports.

Attended in 2017

Sara Lopez / archery

Jenny Arias / boxing

David Arias Gonzalez / swimming

David Cespedes / swimming

Juliana Giraldo / badminton

Daniela Álzate Moncada / rugby sevens

They will attend in 2022

Sara Jose Lopez / archery

Jagdeep Teji Singh / tiro con arco

Jaime Eduardo Gonzalez / Bowling

Danilo Caro Guarnieri / deportivo shooting

Camilo Alfredo Penilla / sports shooting

Juliana Giraldo Andrade / badminton

Jenny Arias / boxing

David Cespedes / swimming

David Arias / swimming

Angie Melissa Palacios / athletics

Camilo Rivera Gómez / beach volleyball

Alexia Maria Bejarano / handball

Daniela Álzate Moncada / women’s rugby sevens

Ángela Álzate Moncada / women’s rugby sevens

Fabio Castañeda / Mountain biking

Ana María Guzmán Zapata / women’s football

Laura Zapata / women’s floor volleyball

Tomás Hoyos López / men’s football

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