Rhineland Judo Association – exams in the Rheinhessen-Nahe district

After a long break due to corona, Kyu and Dan exams could finally take place again in the RH/N district. Because of the large number of participants, the tests were split up and held on 06/23/22 in Hahnheim, on 06/25/2022 in Hahnheim. and on 26.06. held in Eppelsheim.
All participants showed solid examination performances, some very good performances were seen, where it was a pleasure to work as an examiner.
Congratulations on the 3rd DAN: André Besant and Dietrich Gotzek, both JC Wörrstadt.
Congratulations on the 2nd DAN: Lukas Hollweg, Felix Lukas, Marvin Linnebacher, Nikolai Anstatt and Nils Itjeshorst, all TV Nieder-Olm.
Congratulations on the 1st DAN: Jan Selig, VfL Eppelsheim, Volker Scherer, TuS Nackenheim, Martin Fanta, TuS Hackenheim, Eric Lenz, Till Scheller, Helen Werling, Lea Bender, all 1st JC Worms.
Congratulations on the 1st KYU: Alexander Geiger, Teresa Ritterspach and Elias Siegfried, all VfL Eppelsheim, Joscha Regelin, TV Nieder-Olm, Aaron Schwarz, 1.JC Worms.
I would like to thank the examiners Heinz Lausenmeyer, 6th DAN, Hans Müller, 6th DAN, Igor Kurtzik, 3rd DAN.

Here are the beaming examinees:



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