Repechage to the World Cup will be played at the Al-Rayyan stadium, where James Rodriguez played | football curiosities

Conmebol is in suspense because of the demand from Chile to Ecuador for the inclusion of Byron Castillo, a young soccer player who would have played the Qualifiers in El Tri as a Colombian. This Friday, the FIFA will give its verdict on this controversial situation.

If the Chileans were right, one of the possible punishments against El Tri would be the loss of points and changes in the classification would be seen by default: Peru would rise to the fourth square and Colombiaranked sixth, would go to the playoffs.

Although anything can happen Chile as the Tricolor were ahead of the facts and quickly appointed their new coaches, after the departure of Martin Lasarte and Reinaldo Rueda respectively.

In the Colombian case, Nestor Lorenzo It was made official a few days ago as the new boss of the selected team. Although his relationship with Melgar from Peru goes until the South American Cup match against Deportivo Cali, the situation could take a complete turn if FIFA ends up giving the coffee team a little hand.

And it is that the playoff compared to Australia is scheduled for the next June 13th, just three days after the governing body of soccer makes a decision in the Byron Castillo case. Likewise, the usual members of the National Team are on vacation. Everything would be last minute.

Precisely one of the calls to lead Colombia in the face of an eventual World Cup playoff would be James Rodrigueznot only for its weight within the group and talent but also for a curious detail.

It is public knowledge that the creative from Cucuta played the last season in the Al-Rayyan of Qatar, a team he joined after the arrival of Rafa Benítez at English Everton. Although he was called to be the great figure of the club and the league in general, injuries prevented him from shining.

Well, it turns out that the playoffs will be played precisely in the city of Rayán and the defining match will take place in the Estadio Ahmed bin Alia scenario that had the Colombian 10 in recent months.

Thus, James would have first-hand information regarding the weather conditions, details of the pitch and other details that would be of great help considering that the playoff could take Lorenzo’s team by surprise. This could save time thinking about eventual match preparation.

It could happen that FIFA postpones the duel for a few months and said information from Rodríguez Rubio becomes a mere banality, but if the date of June 13 is met, it would be an aspect to take into account…

For now, Ecuador looks askance at what happened, Peru prepares its duel and both Colombia and Chile dream of the ‘papayazo’.



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