Remonte: The devil knows more because he is old…

Ansa II and Juanenea lament while Zubiri and Urriza embrace after winning the Sagardoaren Txapelketa final yesterday at the Galarreta. / LUSA

Urriza and Zubiri prevail in the Sagardoaren Txapelketa final against Ansa II and Juanenea in a match that was more even than brilliant

Beñat Barreto

You can’t with him. He will end up beating him because he is clearly progressing and maturing his game, but at the moment he knows the devil more because he is old than because he is a devil. Urriza once again beat Ansa II as in the previous five finals. Two from the Couples, one from the San Fermín Tournament last year and the last two editions of the Sagardoaren Txapelketa. «One never tires of winning, feeling competitive is what motivates. Winning them is a joy of milk, it’s a rush. Let’s go for the next battle,” declared an exhausted Urriza.



  • Game time:
    64 minutes and 03 seconds.

  • Balls to good:

  • Serving points:
    Zubiri, 2. Juanenea, 1.

  • Serve faults:
    Zubiri, 2. Juanenea, 0.

  • So many at stake:
    October, 17. Zubiri, 4. Ansa II, 13. Juanenea, 6.

  • So many lost:
    Urriza, 3. Zubiri, 3. Ansa II, 5. Juanenea, 2.

  • Highlighter:
    2-0, 2-2, 3-2, 3-3, 4-3, 4-4, 6-4, 6-6, 7-6, 7-7, 8-7, 8-9, 9-9, 9-10, 10-10, 10-11, 14-11, 14-12, 15-12, 15-14, 16-14, 16-15, 17-15, 17-17, 18-17, 18-19, 23-19, 23-21, 25-21, 25-22, 26-22, 26-24, 27-24, 27-25, 28-25, 28-26, 29-26, 29-28 y 30-28.

  • Exit odds:
    100 to 80 in favor of Urriza and Zubiri.

  • Incidences:
    Full to the brim in Galarreta. 1,200 spectators, a very good figure for a Monday at 6:00 p.m.

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Nor could it be this Monday in a Galarreta packed to the brim with 1,200 spectators and which witnessed a final that was more even than brilliant. More exciting than attractive. But that’s how the finals usually are, the one who fails the least takes them. The one that is most successful. The one who does not lose his calm when the logical thing is to despair. And above all, the one who in the decisive moments of the game brings out the best version of him. And there Urriza is the best. «Imanol continues step by step, every day he plays better. He is becoming a great striker and the day will come when he cannot get his hands on him. It is a matter of time before the txapela falls on his side». Champion word.

If in the group match Urriza-Zubiri (Setien) swept Ansa II-Juanenea (Petritegi) 30-16, this Monday they had to sweat a lot and work every so often until they reached cardboard thirty. The blows came on both sides to the point that there were twelve hugs on the scoreboard. The blues started off better, with a toned Ansa II and a superb defensive level Juanenea. Urriza and Zubiri, much more defensive than their rivals, limited themselves at times to carrying one more ball and forcing the eventual runners-up to take risks. In the first mandatory break, the Colorados started with a slight advantage (15-12).

None of the four pelota players was at their best version. Not much less. But Urriza was much braver in the final stretch and ended up taking the particular pulse with the urnietarra, much more self-conscious without daring to take a breath in some free balls that bounced in the three. He did not coordinate his legs and could not finish off. Despite everything, he had options to win in the end.

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29-28, not enough

The Navarre couple reached cardboard 29 while Ansa II-Juanenea, supported by a large part of the Galarreta public, put fear into the body thanks to two goals from the Blues. He applauded even Joseba Ezkurdia, who wanted more marching. At 29-26, Urriza was unable to control a complicated ball from the air, while right afterward Ansa II signed a rebound that ended up even going to the backcourt. Incontestable for Zubiri, who responded as best he could to Juanenea’s next good serve. The Colorados used the experience to go on to dominate the goal. Ansa II could not enter the game and let several balls pass, Urriza punished and ended up scoring his seventeenth goal.

It wasn’t his best game, more confident than aggressive, but he slipped one more txapela on Galarreta, who had a great time. “Hopefully I can be in many more finals and playing with this atmosphere and in a full fronton. Look at the people in the corridors, it’s a Monday at six in the afternoon! ”, reflected an old devil who continues to reap triumphs.

Galarreta will host the San Fermín Tournament from Monday 27 to 15 July

Galarreta will not have a festival on Saturday 25, although it will soon reopen its doors for the San Fermín Tournament, which will take place this week. Four couples will dispute the championship that will be played from Monday, July 27 to 15. The format is a three-day league in which the first couple will go directly to the final. It will be the second and third classified who will play the second ticket in the only semifinal. The days of the league will be on Monday 27 and July 4 and 9 –the first two will be given by ETB1–. The semifinal, on Saturday 9, while the final will be on Friday 15 (ETB1).



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