Regrets for Israil Dakayev

On Sunday June 12, the European Open Seniors took place in Madrid. Israil Dakayev was present there since the Tarbes Pyrénées Judo fighter was registered in – 81kg where there were 46 fighters.

In the round of 32 he met Fares Badawi, a fighter from the international judo federation’s refugee team. Badawi surprised Israil at the start of the fight by scoring waza-ari (big advantage), but our judoka managed to strangle his opponent one minute from the end to score ippon.

In the round of 16, he was opposed to the Saudi Mohammed Alharbi where again Israil suffered a waza-ari at the start of the match.

The Tarbais manages to equalize one minute thirty from the end of the match. In the golden score Dakayev performs a magnificent sode-tsuri-komi-goshi (hip movement) and ippon score. In the round of 16, he was opposed to Timo Cavelius, reigning German vice-champion and 3rd at the European Open in Sarajevo last February.

In a hotly contested match the two fighters do not give up but ten seconds from the end of regulation time, Cavelius scores waza-ari on a shoulder movement at the edge of the carpet that Israil will not be able to recover.

The competition therefore stops at this stage for our judoka.

The Tarbais judoka therefore closes his season with some regrets about this international competition where he could have gone much further. There is no doubt that he will be able to remobilize for next season.

Congratulations all the same to Israil which proudly represents the colors of Tarbes Pyrénées Judo, its city and the department of Hautes-Pyrénées.



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