Regional athletes in St. Gallen for the National Summer Games

A key moment in the lives of many athletes in the region. People from the Jura and Neuchâtel took part in the National Summer Games from Thursday to Sunday in St-Gall. Organized by Special Olympics, the competition takes place every four years. It is the biggest sporting event in Switzerland for people with mental disabilities. About 1,400 participants, from Switzerland but also from abroad, challenged each other in 14 disciplines.

At regional level, 46 Jurassians and 26 Neuchâtel residents were involved in football, basketball, bowling, pétanque and judo. The delegations from the Foyer de Porrentruy (4 members: Véronique Québatte, Johny Eschmann, Dominique Guinder and Emmanuel Willemin) and from ProCap in La Chaux-de-Fonds (6 members: Paulo Reis, Sean Locatelli, Aurore Locatelli, Murielle Leuba, Claude- Alain Perrenoud and Tabitha Manitha) participated in the swimming events. We spent Friday at the swimming pool with the Jurassians supervised by the instructor Christelle Rothgaenger.

“Their Olympics”

The Procap swimmers in La Chaux-de-Fonds operated under the leadership of Patrick Locatelli. For the head of the Neuchâtel delegation, “it’s their Olympic Games, it’s really magnificent for them”. The National Summer Games are also an opportunity to send a message. “We represent the city, we represent the disabled, explains swimmer Paulo Reis. The message is to give the best and give strength”.

Some of the Swiss athletes present in St-Gall will even have the opportunity to represent Switzerland next year. The World Games will take place in June 2023 in Berlin where delegations from around 170 nations will meet. Find all the results of the National Summer Games in St-Gall on the site of the event. /nmy

The results of the Jura and Neuchâtel swimmers:

Porrentruy home

– Emmanuel Willemin (1st 15m assisted swim / 3rd 25m assisted swim)

– Johny Eschmann (2nd 25m breaststroke / 7th 25m freestyle)

– Véronique Québatte (5th 25m freestyle / 6th 25m backstroke)

– Dominique Guinder (2nd 25m freestyle / 6th 50m freestyle)

Procap La Chaux-de-Fonds

– Paulo Reis (1er 50m dos / 1er 50m nage libre)

– Tabitha Manitha (2e 50m dos / 2e 50m nage libre)

– Aurore Locatelli (3rd 50m freestyle / 4th 100m freestyle)

– Murielle Leuba (4th 25m freestyle / 8th 25m breaststroke)

– Sean Locatelli (2nd 25m freestyle / 4th 50m freestyle)

– Claude-Alain Perrenoud (1st 50m freestyle / 4th 25m freestyle)



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