Real Madrid’s basketball team wins 36th league title; surpasses football club La Liga record – Moyens I/O

real Madridspearheaded by MVP Tavareswon the title 3-1 for the 36th time in club history Barcelona In the final series, in WiZink Center.

In a season with so many setbacks, the Blancos claimed their 36th league title in club history and their second trophy of the season after winning the Super Cup. The WiZink Center loyalists played their part again, and the team bravely won a close game until the end, led by the brilliant Tavares (41 points in 30 minutes and MVP vote).

Causeur was also one of the standout players, with Chus Mateo and his coaching staff performing well in the win, with a special mention of Pablo Laso. The coach furthered his legendary accolade with 22 trophies in 11 seasons.

The victory makes Real Madrid basketball more successful in the league title than its football rivals with 35 league titles, most recently winning last season. But when it comes to European glory, Real Madrid has the upper hand with 14 Champions League titles over the basketball team’s 10 Europa League titles.

After celebrating with the Madrid fans at the stadium, the players and coaching staff headed to the dressing room, where Florentino Perez congratulated the players. The president took the customary selfie with captain Llull to capture the image of the Real Madrid side, which keeps adding to its spectacular trophy list.

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Florentino Perez considers Real Madrid’s most successful season in football and basketball trophies

Real Madrid’s basketball team wins 36th league title; surpasses FC La Liga record 2

Real Madrid president Florentino Perez at the Wizinck Centre saw the team’s victory over Barcelona as the basketball team won its 36th league title in the club’s history.

After the game, he had something to say, “This season has been great in football and basketball. In basketball, we won the Spanish Super Cup and the league against our rivals, which was very difficult. We just missed the Europa League, but what we have for this team is Happy with what they did, the sacrifice and the work they did.”

“I can’t ask for more, and neither can the fans. You just have to see how happy they are. I want to say to them that the happiness here is short-lived and we have to get to work now so we can have another one like this next year. season.”

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