Real Madrid: Roberto Carlos explains that he stopped Marcelo from leaving Real Madrid

Robert Carloslegendary Real Madrid winger, analyzed on the program Onda Cero night radio stadium the Marcelo’s farewell of the merengue team with 34 years.

“It’s a bit of a weird day because of the Marcelo’s farewell. I have practically seen him grow up and it makes me sad. I haven’t been there because it was her time. I always wish you the best“, recognized Robert Carlos to Aitor Gmez.

Why wasn’t Roberto Carlos at Marcelo’s farewell from Real Madrid?

The 49-year-old former player tried to explain his absence from the farewell ceremony to Marcelo: “I knew that Marcelo I was going to talk about my other colleagues. I hugged him when he arrived in Spain. Today was his time, there were many emotions in that room and he thought it was his time but it’s been a strange day“.

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Roberto Carlos was Marcelo’s godfather on his arrival in Madrid: “They wanted Marcelo to go on loan”

Robert Carlos explained in ‘Onda Cero’ his role after the signing of Marcelo for him Real Madrid in 2006: “When I started playing football at the age of 13 I had a good education that made my life easier. In football there is a lot of ego and especially with teammates in position. The first day that Marcelo arrived in Spain I gave him my number because I knew he was going to need it, I was available to him 24 hours a day.”

The one from Gara (Sao Paulo) said that “they wanted Marcelo to leave on loan, I asked the president of the time to leave him with us to learn more with us and see where the child has come.

Roberto Carlos on Marcelo’s 25 titles with Madrid: “It happened to me very easily”

Roberto Carlos surrendered to the incredible palmars of Marcelo with Real Madrid: “Marcelo has a cheerful side that is incredible. After training he stayed with us to adapt, I wanted to learn and I had the dream of winning a title and in the end there have been 25. I thought that maximum would match me, but it has happened to me very easily”.

Marcelo Now he will realize everything he has done with this shirt,” he said.

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Roberto Carlos vs Marcelo: Who is the best left back in the history of Real Madrid?

Robert Carlos dared to ask who is the better of the two: “I was looking at a lot of polls today, there is a lot of talk about numbers. I haven’t stopped to think. I never wanted to be better than another, but better than myself“.

“Brazilians should be proud that the left back of the best club in the world has been covered by Brazilians for 20 years. I don’t really like the debate. Between us there is no such comparison“, ready.

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“I believe that there is no dispute between Roberto Carlos and Marcelo. There is no rivalry, they are two similar stories and with the same dreams”, insisted the mythical side of the Real Madrid.

Where will Marcelo play after leaving Real Madrid?

Robert Carlos opinion about him Marcel’s future after his departure from Real Madrid: “In Turkey I have heard something of Marcelo. He is still young, three or four years older. I don’t know if Turkey. Let him decide what is best for him. Marcelo by story he deserves to play in a Champions League“.



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