Reaches 50 wins thanks to Gerrit Cole and Aaron Hicks


After the loss to the Toronto Blue Jays, which ended a nine-game winning streak, they went to Florida and resumed their winning ways.

Aaron Judge celebrating New York Yankees win
© Tyler Schank/Getty ImagesAaron Judge celebrating New York Yankees win

A stumble is not a fall, and proof of that is the New York Yankeeswho despite suffering a defeat in the 2022 season of the Major League Baseball (MLB)resumes the path of triumph at the expense of Tampa Bay Raysto continue making history in the campaign.

After a streak of nine consecutive victories, which seemed to be on the way to equaling his best record in the current season, he fell in his last game on Canadian soil against Toronto Blue Jaystook the plane and traveled to Florida, with the aim of returning to the victories.

And boy did they, because the Yankees had another inspired day of Gerrit Cole as a starting pitcher, who for seven and a third innings, struck out twelve Rayseven though he allowed one hit and one run, to pave the way for victory in MLB 2022.

Yankees do not stop and reach 50 wins in MLB 2022

But in addition, they had other key values ​​to achieve victory, such as Anthony Rizzowho hit the only home run for the mulos at the initial entry, and Aaron Hickswho had a three-base hit to seal, in the ninth, the final victory 4-2.

Thanks to this victory, at the beginning of the series against the Rays, the Yankees reach 50 wins in the regular seasonand they become the first team to reach this milestone in MLB 2022, commanding comfortably in the Eastern Division and the American League.



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