Rally Liepāja – 10 / Day

For many of us, there has been a moment in our lives that has set the course for years to come. This was the case for Raimonds Stroks at the end of the 2008 rally season, when he raised his hand with naive enthusiasm and applied to take over. Rally Talsi organization. Although this is only the stage of the national championship, Raimonds already aimed at more – regionally recognizable international competitions, the European level rally. Maybe even the world? With such a goal, every work was done with a 110% return, although the level of the Latvian championship may not even require it. Behind the scenes, one could often hear comments about another challenging idea: “That Stroke is crazy!” Having mastered the basic principles of rally organization, RA Events the team began to look further and look for starting points to hold higher-scale competitions. After several attempts and countless knocks, negotiations were launched to include the competition Intercontinental Rally Challenge (IRC) calendar, which at the time was one of the strongest rally series on the continent. In parallel, the International Automobile Federation (FIA) held talks with IRC organizers Eurosport EventsAs a result, they took over the organization of the FIA ​​European Rally Championship (ERC) and opened an even wider door in front of Latvia. To RA Events looked like diligent, but small and local players, but thanks to perseverance and enthusiasm, managed to sign a one-year contract for the European Championship stage in Latvia. The Stroks team had only one chance to prove their ability to stay afloat.

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