Rain of medals for Querétaro in judo and table tennis »Queretanízate

Querétaro has had great participation in the CONADE 2022 Nationals. As an example, the Querétaro judo team that said goodbye with a total of four medals, two gold and two bronze, medals obtained during the three days of competitions in the Center of Uses Multiple of Hermosillo, Sonora.

The golden metals of judo were achieved by Diego Damián Díaz in the category 18-20 years old up to 90 kg, and Christopher Advaru Córdoba Cárdenas in the category 15-17 years old up to 90 kg; the bronze medals went to Mayte Alejandra Ortiz in less than 48kg, and Enders Juárez Iturbide in the 18-20 year old category up to 73kg.

Table tennis

The table tennis medals came through Dominique Reyes and Regina Reyes with a silver medal in doubles under 19; Dulce Izeta and Iris García in doubles under 21 with a bronze medal; Andrés Vargas and Rubén Arado, with a bronze medal in men’s doubles under 21; Bogdan Olivos and Eduardo Bernal climbed to the podium with the third place in doubles sub 19, and Bogdan Olivos who also hung bronze in individual 16-19.

The state table tennis team continues in the competitions by playing the team eliminatory at the Multiple Use Center of Hermosillo, Sonora, where it is expected that the Queretaro squad will get more medals.

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