Rafa Martín-Prat and Adriano Patrón in F18, and Juan Luis Páez in Class A, champions


Puerto Sherry (Cadiz)



Day with less wind intensity but the same pressure in the search for objectives today, Sunday, in the waters of the Bay of Cádiz, in the outcome of the Andalusian Catamaran Championship for the F18 and Class A classes organized by the CN Puerto Sherry and the Federation Andaluza de Vela, resolved with the three tests scheduled to complete the maximum of six scheduled for the weekend. Although there have been no surprises in the ownership of the championships, it is no less true that the winners have broken the streak of goals that allowed them to go out today to defend first place without staining their scores.

In F18, the crew of the CN Puerto Sherry made up of Rafa Martín-Prat and Adriano Patrón confirm their victory after winning the fourth consecutive test and later adding two seconds, enough to stop Antonio Fernández Cantillana and Daniel Martínez Cañavate, who went from a initial offline to win the final two tests.

The discard allows the crew of the CN Puerto Sherry to take the runner-up position, remaining two points behind the new regional champions. Third place was also confirmed at the hands of Carlos Torres and Patricio Martos, from the same club, after validating a 2nd and a 5th on a day that ended in retreat after breaking the sail of their boat.

In Class A, the skipper of CN Sevilla, Juan Luis Páez, manages to renew the title with a ‘Flying’, using a 2nd and another 1st, in a day in which the protagonist by so many has been Francisco Javier Acosta of CN Torre del Mar, winner of two tests today, with a 4th in the last as the worst result at the controls of a Classic.

With three points between them, the third place to seven of his predecessor is for Tomás Fernández-Tagle with a ‘Flying’ model with the flag of the CN Puerto Sherry, using a 2nd and a 5th and discarding an off line in the second test from today.

After the regatta, the Andalusian champion plates were handed over at the headquarters of the CN Puerto Sherry on the asphalt beach of the marina, in an act that was attended by the regatta officer Manuel Páez, with the winners in the photographs .

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