Race 4 RivieraBanca Basket Rimini-Pall. Roseto: direct text •

Rimini is ahead 2-1 in the Serie B play-off final series. group C. For the boys of coach Ferrari, race 4 at the Flaminio is the second promotion match point. Not exploiting it would mean postponing everything to game 5 (which would be played on Wednesday evening at PalaMaggetti).

Rimini starts with Tassinari, Saccaggi, Bedetti, Masciadri and Rinaldi. Rose garden with Pastore, Mei, Di Emidio Nikolic and Amoroso.

The match. The first basket is from Bedetti from three: 3-0. Mei draws -6’37 “. Masciadri from the arc: 6-3. Amoroso impact: 6-6. She marks herself with the dropper and only from the outside. Bedetti mocked by the iron, his triple does not enter. Infringement of 24 ″, Pastore’s basket is not good. Foul in Rinaldi’s attack, second on a personal level. Arrigoni enters his place. Serafini makes a bad mistake from below, then the ball remains in his hand when the 24 ″ siren sounds. Five in a row by Tassinari: triple and entry (11-6 RBR at -2’29 “). Time out Roseto. Amoroso slips away, then Masciadri tows it. And on the other side Arrigoni puts two from below: 13-6. Double change Rimini: outside Saccaggi and Masciadri, inside Rivali and Fabiani. Nikolic is wrong from below. Bedetti dives in and suffers a foul, from the line is 2/2: 15-6 at -58 “. Fabiani makes a mistake from below, but Rivali recovers the ball. And Tassinari puts it in the retina for +11 Rimini: 17-6. Only one second available to guests for the last pitch. It does not work. At 10 ‘the scoreboard scores 17-6.

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At the start of the second fraction, Di Emidio’s foul in attack. Great defensive intensity from Rimini, little precision and clarity in attack from Roseto. Bedetti from Arco to RivieraBanca flies to +14: 20-6. Table bagpipe: 20-8. Tassinari misses from the media, Rivali recovers the ball in defense. But the red and white are still wrong in attack and Amoroso punishes them from the corner: 20-11 at -8’01 “. Time out Rimini. Outside Bedetti inside Scarponi. Tassinari for Arrigoni, who does not use the assist. Boots with the help of the iron: 22-11. Rivals from the height of the bezel, after a tightrope walk by Tassinari: 24-11 at -6 ‘. Time out Roseto. Rinaldi for Arrigoni. Triple by Ruggiero after an offensive rebound by Nikolic: 24-14. Rinaldi commits his third foul in attack and sits back down. Arrigoni returns. Nikolic takes advantage of the miss-match with Rivali to score from below: 24-16. Triple frontal by Masciadri: 27-16. Shepherd to the free is 2/2: 27-18 at -3’57 “. Two points from the Rivali average: 29-18. Second foul by Arrigoni, in his place on the field Bedetti. From the line Nikolic is 1/2: 29-19 at -2’41 “. But Rimini conceded two offensive rebounds to the Abruzzese and Amoroso pocketed from below: 29-21 at -2’25 “. RBR time out. Rivali is still taking Rimini by the hand: 31-21. Bedetti to the free is 1/2: 32-21 at -1’15 “. Fabiani from the line is 2/2: 34-21 at -34 ″. The last possession is from RBR: Bedetti from the corner, ball around the iron and out. Amoroso’s prayer does not go. At the interval along RivieraBanca is ahead of 13: 34-21.

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Rimini shoots with 53.8% from two (7/13), 33.3% from three (5/15) and 83.3% from the line (5/6). For guests 25% from two (3/12), 28.6% from the arc (4/14) and 75% to free (3/4). Rebounds 15-19.

The third tempino opens with a triple by Bedetti, which rises to 12: 37-21. Shepherd’s reply from two: 37-23. Masciadri, triple from the corner: 40-23. Then Nikolic’s background on Rinaldi. Triple front of Saccaggi and RBR flies on +20: 43-23 at 8’15 “. Time out Roseto. It starts with a foul in attack by Di Emidio. Ruggiero left free to put a triple with his feet on the ground: 43-26. Two free for Masciadri: 2/2 and Rimini is ahead 45-26 at -7’14 “. Third foul by Di Emidio. Two free for Bedetti: 2/2 and red and white still ahead of 20: 47-26. Rinaldi’s fourth foul, Arrigoni enters. Triple by Tassinari: 50-26 to -5 ‘. Then again Tassinari accelerates and fires a triple, which this time does not work. Time out Roseto. At the table they realize that they have given Rimini one point less, a score rightly brought to 50. Zampogna shortens: 50-28. Outside Bedetti inside Scarponi. Bagpipe makes 0/2 to the free. Bagpipe returns to the line and this time it is 2/2: 50-30. Three-person boots on the sound of the 24 ″ siren: 53-30. Zampogna replica from the corner: 53-33 at -2’15 “. Third foul by Arrigoni. Amoroso in the line is 2/2: 53-35 at -1’43 “. Inside Masciadri for Arrigoni. Saccaggi makes it 2/2 to the free throws: 55-35 at -1’06 “. Assist by Amoroso for Zampogna: 55-37. Great assist from Rivali for Fabiani: 57-37. The last basket of the fourth is from Amoroso: 57-39 al 30′.

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Bedetti opens the last stage with a triple: 60-39. Infringement of 24 ″ of RBR. Tassinari for two: 62-39. Loving for two: 62-41. Fifth foul by Bedetti. Enter Scarponi. Triple of Shepherd: 62-44. Dispute between Amoroso and Scarponi, remittance for Rimini. Time out Roseto at -5’58 “. Arrigoni from below (64-44). Nikolic replies: 64-46. Last five minutes. Out Boots in Rivals. Saccaggi makes it 2/2 to the free throws: 66-46. Amoroso at the basket, after having challenged Masciadri: 66-48. Arrigoni to score: 68-48. Abruzzo bench technician. Masciadri pocket the free: 69-48. Then he leaves the field for Rinaldi. Magic of Tassinari: 71-48 to -3 ‘. Mei from three: 71-51 to -2’02 “. Saccaggi comes out inside Mladenov. Cenestro by Serafini: 71-53. Outside Tassinari inside D’Argenzio.

Race 4 will be broadcast on Icaro TV (channel 18) twice this evening, at 21:00 and 23:00.




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