Quintana Roo, among the five best states in the country

After the results in judo, table tennis and breaking, the Quintana Roo delegation remains among the best five states in the country within the Conade 2022 National Games.

Until Monday’s court, the state adds 124 medals obtained in the country’s highest sports fair, of which 43 are gold, 43 silver and 38 bronze, to be in fifth position in the national medal table.

After 20 days of intense activities in different venues in the north of the country, the Conade Nationals remain under tight contention for dominating the medal table in this competition.

The state of Jalisco remains the boss of the general concentration of medals in this national event, boasting 220 gold medals so far, which added to the 166 silver and 155 bronze gives a grand total of 541 medals won by this powerful delegation.

On the second rung is the state of Nuevo León, which has 149 gold, 144 silver and 136 bronze medals, totaling 429; while Baja California has 94 gold medals and is in third position, above the State of Mexico with 58 gold medals.

For its part, the State of Quintana Roo has maintained a close dispute to be within the top 5 of this table with the delegations of Querétaro and Yucatán, and after a great weekend, the Caribbean squad has managed to leave its rivals behind direct.

With 43 gold, 43 silver and 38 bronze, the entity has 144 medals, surpassing Querétaro, which has 40 gold medals, and Yucatán, which has 38, figures that, although true, put Quintana Roo in fifth positiondo not represent a great advantage, because at any time there may be movement in the medal table.

Until now, the Conade 2022 National Games have awarded a total of three thousand 64 medals, of which 962 have been gold, 961 silver and 1,141 bronze, with Jalisco being the most productive state with 541, and Tabasco the one with minor fortune with just three medals, of which two are silver and one bronze, without proving maximum glory.



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