Quilmes got a badge and is a finalist

Nice afternoon of soccer was lived this holiday Monday in Los Nogales neighborhood. Before a very good turnout on the Ferro court, Argentino Quilmes beat Ben Hur 2-0 and got his ticket to the final of the Centennial Cup against Unión de Sunchales.
The team led by Hugo Togni had a lot of personality and skill, but it was also the one that most sought the opposite goal from the start of the game. After 4 minutes, Kevin Acuña had broken the crossbar of “Cascote” Astrada with a great shot from 30 meters.
But unlike the previous week, when after a shot at his own goal post, Lobo recovered with a goal at the opponent’s fence, this time nothing changed. Quilmes continued to be more and after 20 minutes he had his prize. Albarracín won with a header to assist Manuel Bustos, who had the ball left inside the Benhurense area to shoot Astrada and open the scoring.
The Quilmeño midfield with Baudracco in contention, and the game proposed by Carrizo, Forni, Vitarelli Góngora and Albarracín could not be contained by Sola and Bessone. In fact, Bianciotti, Belinde and Pogonza were far behind their teammates in those initial 45 minutes.
It seemed that the game was going to go to rest with 1-0, but in an error by Kummer trying to reach the ball to his goalkeeper, the ball led to a corner. Laucha Carrizo’s good cross went right to the point of the penalty where Martín Albertengo rose and with a powerful header made it 2-0, putting a significant gap in the result.
In the second half, Barbero ordered the entry of Sacks by Bessone and his team began to score with a line of three to try to balance the process. But, nevertheless, Quilmes was once again the one who went deeper.
First Vitarelli lost it entering from the left, and then Forni missed the goal entering the area after a good play between Albarracín and Vitarelli.
Ben Hur only had a clear chance at 19′ when Bianciotti went hand in hand with Pagliero and the goalkeeper sensed the striker’s shot from below. That was a reaction passage from Lobo, winning in the splits and looking to get to the outside. In a cross from right to left, Ojeda missed it incredibly, entering at the far post.
Later, Quilmes recovered and returned to disturb against. Astrada won heads-up against Meza, and after a few rebounds, Forni failed again in the definition.
In the final minutes the most salient were the expulsions, first of the youthful Amílcar Albarracín for a strong tackle on Asteggiano, and then of Bianciotti for Lobo. The brewer won fairly and will play another final, like last year.

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Field: State Railway.
Referee: Rodrigo Perez.
Ben Hur: Astrada; Besaccia (85′ Meternich), Kummer, Asteggiano and Alemandi; Bessone (45′ Sacks), Sola (72′ Montenegro) and Jiménez; Belinde (55′ Ojeda), Bianciotti and Pogonza. Sup: Ilchischen, Kinderknecht, Grosso. DT: M. Barber.
Quilmes: Pagliero; Coin, Merlin, Albertengo and Suarez; Carrizo (67′ Table), Baudracco, Ignacio Forni (86′ Auce) and Vitarelli (72′ Amilcar Albarracin); Claudio Albarracin (86′ Spindola) and Bustos. Sup: Goyen, Ocampo and Gentile. DT: H. Train.
First half: at 22′ goal by Bustos (AQ) and 42′ goal by M. Albertengo (Q).
Incidents: ST, 36′ exp. A. Albarracín (Q) and 45′ exp. Bianciotti (BH).



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