PSG Offers Vinicius Jr. Salary: Four Times The Salary Of Real Madrid, Given Business Capital In Qatar!

Extraordinary! In addition to a salary four times greater than Real Madrid, PSG offered Vinicius a ‘business opportunity’ in Qatar.

Paris Saint-Germain are trying to persuade Real Madrid starlet Vinicius Jr to leave the Santiago Bernabeu. The trick, they offer a salary four times what he got in Madrid!

Madrid itself has actually received various tempting offers that have come from a row of top English Premier League clubs throughout last season for Vini Jr.

As reported Brandclubs such as Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester United have great interest in attacker the 21 year old.

However, Vinicius is not interested in turning away from the Bernabeu. He only thought of continuing his service to The whites in the midst of various speculations about his transfer.

However, PSG did not lose their minds. According to reports Brandthe French Ligue 1 champions are about to offer a salary of up to £34.3 million per year for Vinicius.

The figure above is believed to not be able to be rivaled by Madrid, which ‘only’ can pay Vinicius four times below him.

It doesn’t end there. In order for Vinicius to really believe in leaving Madrid, PSG are ready to offer the player a ‘business opportunity’ in Qatar.

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PSG’s interest in Vinicius is actually not the first time. They have opened communication with the striker several times since November 2021.

Even so, Vinicius’ desire is to continue his career adventure with Madrid and he is believed to be close to signing a new contract until 2027, for a fee of £8.6 million per year.



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