PRONOS PARIS RMC Stephen Brun’s basketball bet on June 20 – French Championship Final

My prediction: Monaco beats Lyon-Villeurbanne by at least 9 points (2.75)

Monaco will be revengeful. After winning the first confrontation of this final, the Roca Team suffered a crushing defeat at the Astroballe in the second round (91-54). A correction which is a task in such an event and which will push the Monegasques to catch up this evening in the Salle Gaston Medecin. They will be able to count on a Mike James who will also seek to be forgiven for his poor performance three days ago. I am therefore not optimistic for this Lyon-Villeurbanne team, which risks taking on water tonight. The Lyonnais could, in fact, suffer the onslaught of their opponent for their first trip and thus suffer a heavy setback. I therefore suggest that you bet on a victory for Monaco with a gap of at least 9 points. A bet quoted at 2.75.

Bet on Monaco – Lyon-Villeurbanne here!

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