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Professional baseball, Hiroshima has announced its policy to acquire Shogo Akiyama, who has left the 3A team under the Major League Baseball Padres.

Akiyama is a 34-year-old outfielder who signed a free contract with the Reds just before the start of this season and was aiming for a major league promotion by signing a minor contract with the Padres last month, but the contract expired on the 15th of this month and the team I left the group.

After that, Akiyama gave up playing in the major leagues because there was no offer from the major league baseball team, and returned to Japan.

Former owner Matsuda of Hiroshima said in an interview on the evening of the 21st that Akiyama “has a great impact on the team both mentally and mentally, and I would like to get it because I think that he will contribute.” I made it.

In Hiroshima, Seiya Suzuki, who was defending the light, transferred to the Major League Cubs, and the problem was that he could not fix the regular outfield this season, and Ryoma Nishikawa also left due to poor condition of the lower body this month. ..

Regarding Akiyama, Seibu of the old nest has announced that he will make an offer, and Softbank is interested in acquiring it, and it is expected that negotiations will begin in earnest toward the return to the Japanese baseball world in the future.

Akiyama played 142 games in two seasons in the major leagues, with a batting average of 20%, 2 minutes, 4 RBIs, 21 RBIs, and 9 stolen bases, with no home runs.

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