Premier League: Darwin Núñez, from not having enough to eat to becoming the most expensive signing in the history of Liverpool

Ehe transfer market continues to do its thing. One of the most important movements will be Darwin Núñez, whose signing for Liverpool It has already been officially announced by Benfica. This is the story of the Uruguayan player.

In various interviews, the former Peñarol player remembers where he comes from, since He assures that he will never forget everything his mother did so that he and his brother had food every day. Now, being a superstar, the economic problems are left behind, but never that hard childhood.

“Yes, I went to bed alone on an empty stomach. But who else went to bed on an empty stomach was my mother. She made sure my brother and I ate first. My mom used to go to bed without joining us for dinner. I will never forget where I come from,” Klopp’s future player said in an interview.

Darwin Núñez after a match with Uruguay

Some difficult beginnings

Darwin had a first contact with one of the most important clubs in Uruguay in 2013 when a Peñarol scout took him from Artiaga to Montevideo to try out. Unfortunately for the little 14-year-old did not stay. This made him return to live with his parents in Pirata, a settlement on the banks of the Cuareim River.

Life would give him one more chance and a year later he would try again at the same club. The end this time was as expected and he was in the lower Peñarol. After celebrating that he had entered one of the historic teams in Uruguay, life gave him a setback again.

It was thanks to his brother, who was already in the third division, that Darwin continued his career. “You stay, you have a future. I’m going”, Junior told him when a family problem arose that has not been revealed so far.

After this family sacrifice, at the age of 16 he tore his cruciate ligaments and had to be off the court for a year and a half. Time he spent in Artiagas with his family. On his return to Peñarol, Leo Ramos called him up to the first team and with this he started his debut.

The young man entered by Maxi Rodríguez, but the pain caused by the operation on the ligaments led him to finish the game in tears. This caused him to be operated on once more, this time on the patella. The two interventions put him in the predicament of whether or not he would continue his career, but his strength was greater and he managed to place himself on the list for the South American U-20 in 2019.

In the South American sub-20 tournament he did not have the expected performance. His performance was not as he imagined, since he was struggling with the goal and the criticism did not stop. This led him to go to a psychologist to deal with the issue, he even assured that he used the cell phone only to make calls, since he could not enter social networks.

Thanks to his talent he managed to stand out and emigrate to Europe, first to Almería and then to Benfica, where he made the leap in quality. Now he has established himself as the most expensive signing in a Premier League history.

His mother sold bottles to buy him the bonites

In an interview granted to the sports supplement Referí, the player recalled where he came from and everything his parents did to bring food home, as well as the sacrifices to be able to buy the bonites with whom he played soccer while Peñarol chose him.

“I don’t forget where I come from. A humble, hard-working family. My father worked in construction for 8 or 9 hours to buy what we needed and eat. My mother was always a housewife and went out to the streets to collect bottles to sell“Núñez expressed a few years ago.

The record that caught the attention of the greats

After all the problems to meet footballingly, Darwin established himself at the age of 22 as one of the deadliest strikers in the world. Last season, the Peñarol-trained player converted 34 goals and gave 4 assists in 41 games to enter the list of the best strikers of the 21-22 campaign.

Thanks to the numbers he gave in Portugal, Darwin established himself as the Uruguayan striker with the most goals in the campaign. This has to do with the few minutes that Cavani and Suárez had, but it also means the arrival of a new litter. It must be remembered that he also consecrated himself as the youngest Uruguayan to score in a decisive Champions League match, doing so at the age of 22 years and 264 days.



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