“Posthalter” Georg Siegert from Hahnbach is 80 years old

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Georg Siegert turns 80.”>

Georg Siegert is 80 years old.

Image: mma

Georg Siegert, known to many as “the postman”, turns 80 this Sunday. He is already looking forward to well-wishers from his large circle of friends and family. Of course, his three daughters, five grandchildren and two great-grandchildren also celebrate him. His four siblings will also come with their families, and some memories will certainly go back to his parents Xaver and Elisabeth.

Georg Siegert was born in Hahnbach, where he inherited his father’s love of the butcher’s trade. But after years of training in Weiden, the first thing to do was to continue learning abroad, across Germany. In 1966, at the age of 24, he passed his master’s examination at the butcher’s school in Augsburg. A year later he married Isanthe Greilich. At that time he also rebuilt his parents’ business and the butcher’s shop and worked as a butcher and innkeeper in the stately property on the main street.

After considerable health problems, Siegert has been absolutely stable again for a long time. Every day he is happy that he is doing well, he emphasizes. He can also go back to work, meaning it doesn’t matter, although he has already handed everything over to his daughter Christiane Greiner. The mountain festivals in Amberg and Hahnbach will again be traditionally supplied with his sausages this year. However, he no longer needs to work up there, he smiles, he can “privatize” and talk to the guests. He is only too happy to tell some jokes and is happy when you can laugh heartily with him.

Georg Siegert used to be an enthusiastic sports enthusiast, such as (table) tennis, judo and skiing. He still takes care of his carrier pigeons and likes to knock a sheep’s head or play skat with his friends. He has already seen a lot of the world, he remembers, such as Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, China, America and Africa. Today he is still drawn out again and again in the mobile home, which his wife is now driving, however. He loves Hahnbach and especially the Frohnberg, he says. When he needs rest and a little distance, he drives to his sugar pond below the Frohnberg, be it for fishing and in the fall also for catching fish.



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