Pontarlier. Pontarlier Badminton ends the season well

Traveling to Valdahon for the Bourgogne Franche-Comté championships on the weekend of June 11 and 12, Pontarlier Badminton (PB) returned with three podiums in their pocket.

“It’s been a month that some players have been training together to succeed in these championships, explains Delphine Lonchampt, player of team 1 and secretary of the club, which allowed us to bring back two titles and a second place”.

A few weeks earlier, all the teams had maintained their respective interclub championships, thus enabling the goal set at the start of the season to be achieved.

A maintenance which was all the same played on the wire for the first team of regional 2. After the 10 days of the championship, it is ahead of the team of Héricourt (2), relegated, only thanks to the “set-average » particular, « it was decided with one match » smiles Delphine.

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