Pomegranate seeds build dreams together | Our institute participates in the “Welcome to the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and Forge a New Journey with the Party – Pomegranate Seeds Build Dreams Together” Alliance Direct Organs 2022 Cadre and Staff Badminton Tournament | Xing’an Vocational and Technical College

In order to further carry out the practice activities of the League Committee on the theme of “Pomegranate Seeds Build Dreams Together”, combined with the requirements of the College Party Committee’s “Implementation Plan for Comprehensively Deepening and Long-lasting Development of Awareness Education of the Chinese Nation’s Community”, the badminton team of our college will be held from June 18 to On the 19th, I participated in the “Welcome to the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and Forge a New Journey with the Party – Pomegranate Seeds Build Dreams Together” in Aershan.

The purpose of this competition is to further implement the deployment requirements of the League Committee on coordinating the normalization of epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, deeply implement the concept of “lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets”, and promote the rapid recovery and development of the tourism industry in the league. Guide the cadres and workers of all ethnic groups in the organizations directly under the league to hold tightly together like pomegranate seeds, join hands to promote the establishment of a national-level tourist resort in Aershan City, and earnestly welcome the party’s 20th National Congress with a good spirit and excellent work performance. After receiving the notice, our hospital actively prepared for the battle, and selected 9 players to participate in the team competition and mixed doubles competition. All the team members on the field cooperated and worked tenaciously, showing the demeanor of college teachers. After everyone’s efforts, he won the sixth place in the team competition. Zhao He, the badminton coach and teacher of the Department of Physical Education, won the mixed doubles championship.


A total of 27 teams participated in the team competition this time, and a total of 32 mixed doubles groups! The badminton elites from the alliance gathered in Arshan. Their superb badminton skills were displayed in front of everyone. Everyone learned from each other during the game, and appreciated the superb badminton skills of the masters while watching the game. They gained a lot. After the game, everyone also summarized the shortcomings. , and also determined the next badminton training program.


The party committee of the college attaches great importance to the physical fitness work of the majority of faculty and staff. In order to improve the sports level of the college, improve the physical quality of the teachers in the college, enrich the spare time life of the teachers in the college, and create a national fitness atmosphere, the labor union and the Department of Physical Education take the lead to form a basketball team for faculty members. Team, football team, volleyball team, badminton team and table tennis team, etc., show the healthy life and positive spirit of the majority of faculty and staff. Through various competitions, everyone’s collective sense of honor has increased sharply, and ball clubs have enhanced friendship and unity and cooperation. Cohesion and centripetal force make the teachers and students of the whole school hug like pomegranate seeds and contribute to the high-quality development of the school.




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