Police raid Bahrain-Victorious team hotel

En the day before the start of the Tour de France in the Danish capital Copenhagen, there was another raid on the Bahrain-Victorious team. On Thursday morning at 5.30 a.m., the team’s hotel rooms and cars were searched in the Bröndby district.

According to the Copenhagen police, this was done at the request of the French police. “We have no further information on the operation,” investigator Dannie Rise said in the statement. The team said they were fully cooperating with authorities and no items were confiscated.

Searches on Monday

Already on Monday there had been searches of the homes of drivers and team members across Europe. The team announced this themselves, but left open where the searches took place and which people were affected.

Europol later said the raids took place in three countries. The team said the investigation, which has been going on for almost a year, “has produced no results”. The timing of this investigation aims to “deliberately damage the team’s reputation.”

Team criticizes authorities

In addition, Bahrain criticized not being informed about the progress and the results of the investigations and not receiving any feedback about it. “Bahrain Victorious has repeatedly requested access to the files or the status of the investigation, but to no avail,” it said in a statement.

During the last Tour of France, Bahrain-Victorious’s hotel rooms in the Pyrenees were searched. Cell phones were also confiscated, according to drivers. A result of the investigation is apparently still pending.

So far, no official investigation has been initiated against any driver, nor have any bans been imposed. Bahrain-Victorious had won the team classification and three stages on the previous tour.



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