“Pokemon Go” Niantic Partners with NBA–Develops New AR Basketball Game–CNET Japan

Niantic, which develops augmented reality (AR) experiences such as the explosively popular Pokemon Go,New AR basketball gameRevealed that it is under development. Beta testing will soon begin in “some markets.”

Provided by: Niantic

Niantic says “NBA All-World“It’s a free, location-based basketball game where you can find, challenge, and play against active NBA players nearby.” Players can play one-on-one or recruit players to play in teams. You can also increase the player’s (virtual) match ability by raising the stats and collecting gear.

“It’s the industry’s first sports game, an original real-world mobile game for both casual and core NBA fans,” said Marcus Matthews, senior producer at Niantic, in a comment about the project. ..

Niantic has partnered directly with the NBA for the development and future releases of the NBA All-World. NBA All-World will be released for Android and iOS devices during the 2022-23 NBA season.

This article is from overseas Red VenturesarticleWas edited by Asahi Interactive for Japan.



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