PMU – Arrival of the quinté of Wednesday June 22 in Toulouse: Gently de Muze sees life in pink

Arrival of the fifth : 4 – 2 – 15 – 3 – 9

Seventh stage and seventh different winner in the Tour de France of trotters. On the La Cépière racecourse, Gently de Muze (n°4) easily took control of the situation, driven with great confidence by his partner, Nicolas Bazire. “We made good use of our 25m advantage,” the winning driver told the Equidia microphone. It is versatile. He is a nice horse that adapts to everything. The resident of Jean-Michel Bazire therefore justifies the confidence of his entourage and the punters, who had placed him as the favorite of the race. High performance, Gently de Muze signs a twelfth success in thirty races. As for Nicolas Bazire, he won his fifteenth quinté while his father culminated in 351 victories in this category as a trainer.

Without questioning the superiority of the laureate, Fantasia de Ligny (n°2) achieved a very good performance by finishing second, something to delight his partner, Matthieu Abrivard, who made the trip for this unique ride. Gangster du Wallon (n°15), again trapped in a race without a train, nevertheless finished third, like last year in this competition. Fresneaux (n°3) retains fourth place slightly behind, ahead of Festive Charming (n°9).

Stéphan Flourent, Kévin Romain and our Synthesis indicated the quartet out of order.

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