PMU – Arrival of the quinté of Sunday June 26 at Vincennes: Junior Guelpa and Charly de l’Aunay win the Prix Le Parisien

Arrival of the fifth : 6 – 2 – 10 – 15 – 4

Bought in a claiming race on May 3 at the Vincennes racecourse, for the sum of 14,999 euros, Charly de l’Aunay (n°6) distinguished himself a few weeks later by winning the Prix Le Parisien, the Sunday quinté, to the delight of his driver, Junior Guelpa, fist raised as he passed the post. The former student of Laurent-Michel David delighted his new entourage, the Guelpa family, always very inspired in their investments. In three races, the 10-year-old gelding has already garnered 55,760 euros. “He still has the morale and proves that he is not cooked”, indicates Junior Guelpa at the microphone of Equidia. Charly de l’Aunay removes the second quinté of his career. This is the fifth success in this category for Junior Guelpa as a driver, the eighth as a developer.

After enjoying a good run, Belker (#2) performs very well and narrowly fails for success. Diego de Cahot (n°10), completes the podium and leaves some regrets to its driver, Mathieu Mottier. “I had no resources at the top of the climb, and when I lowered the blinders to him, he came back up well. ” Like he usually does, Elvis du Vallon (n°15) finished well but had to settle for fourth place ahead of Elect of Dompierre (n°4).

This quinté gave pride of place to the outsiders and brought in the tidy sum of 666,520.70 euros for 1 euro.



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