Playoff Basket Agrigento-Rieti with the big screen at “Gudini”

Playoff Basket Agrigento-Rieti

Basketball has the great squares of the South in Brindisi, Naples, Caserta. This time there will be Fortitudo Agrigento and Real Sebastiani Rieti. Rieti is one of the great squares capable of reaching an incredible Korac Cup 40 years ago, at the time of the great Apulian coach Elio Pentassuglia.

It is normal to think that we will go to the streets for this evening, complete with a big screen as if the national football team or the basketball team were playing.

Playoff Basket Agrigento-Rieti

This is the press release from the noble Lazio company:

“United we win”. It is with this motto that we like to announce the installation of a maxi-screen and a series of freely usable television stations, to enjoy the playoff final between Fortitudo Agrigento and Real Sebastiani Rieti together with our fans. The competition is scheduled for Wednesday 22 June at 20.30 at PalaMoncata in Porto Empedocle (AG).

In detail, a MAXI-SCREEN at the “Marco Gudini” sports center in the area in front of the red padel court, located between the beach-volleyball area and the restaurant a stone’s throw from the main entrance, with bar and refreshment service available. The event is set within the “Italian Summer” sporting event, which has been a reference point for June in Rieti for some years now.

In addition, for those who want it, there will be three television points inside the “Il Coriandolo” Park in Viale Fassini, the headquarters of Willie Basket (the company named after the great Uncle Willie Sojourner, ed), where a service of Street Food.

In this regard, we would like to thank LnpPass in the person of Fabio Manca and all those who orbit in the world of communication of the Basketball League, for giving us this opportunity.

For the rest, DISTANT from the team, but NEIGHBORS with heart and thought, to reach the maximum goal, always in the projects of a club that thanks its fans and all the supporters of Sebastiani, for the affection and the certificates of esteem shown both during the season regular, which during the playoff stage. Having found the OUR PEOPLE it means being able to think about GIFTbut above all to program the FUTUREfeeling responsible for having RETURN A PASSION which was simply dormant, but MAY off.






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