Place Jeanne-Mance has taken on a Quebec accent

DEMONSTRATION. Langres hosted the first “Fête du Québec et de Jeanne Mance” on Saturday June 25th. The culmination of two years of work by the members of the Langres-Montréal-Québec association crowned with success.

For a first, we can say that the bet launched by the members of the Langres-Montréal-Québec association has been met hands down! Nothing had been left to chance: neither the date nor the place. “We chose this date because it is the day after Quebec’s National Day and the place made perfect sense since we are close to the birthplace of Jeanne Mance and in this square a statue is erected in her honor. “Summarizes Monique Béchereau, one of the mainstays of the event. This celebration, launched in the Langroise style by the shots of the arquebusiers, was able to mix both family entertainment and exhibitions, including a very documented one at the Marcel-Arland media library, which also allowed visitors to find out more on Quebec, the city of Montreal and of course Jeanne Mance. A quiz was also offered to the public with around ten questions whose answers were scattered around the different stands. A raffle, set up with Langres traders also attracted many people.

All afternoon, young and old alike were able to stroll through this square adorned in the colors of Quebec, and take advantage of the various workshops and try their hand at Quebec games such as the Pichnotte or the Turkey Game. Others were able to try their hand at archery under the watchful eye of a few Indians or even try to find a few gold nuggets as the Hurons did at the time. A beautiful atmosphere embellished with Quebec music or even a recital by La Chanterelle. “We were lucky to be supported by associations such as MiLo, which created the turkey game, C’BEAU, Libre cours or even our bookseller to make this celebration a success”, smiles Monique Béchereau. A successful first that could be repeated…

Patricia Charmelot



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