PJ Tucker plays his clause to test the market

PJ Tucker is free as the air again. After helping to bring the title back to Milwaukee, fifty years after the franchise’s first crowning, post 4 had taken it into its head to do the same on the Miami side.

The story did not end as he had hoped, and although he has recently turned 37, The Athletic announces that PJ Tucker has declined his « player option » which however amounted to 7.35 million dollars.

According to Shams Charania, many title contenders would be in line to recover this charismatic player, with the desired profile, whether in his defense or his ability to punish in corners. It remains to be seen whether he will gain from it at the financial level, whether he will opt for a longer lease, or a candidate better armed than Miami to allow him to aim for a new championship title.

This departure could add credit to the rumor reporting the positioning of the Heat on a position 4 for the less courted, Jerami Grant.

Player option : possibility for a player to activate (or not) the last year of his contract, in order to end his lease or become a “free agent” one year in advance.



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