Pittsburgh Pirates vs Chicago Cubs prediction on June 22, 2022

Game preview

Pittsburgh Pirates vs Chicago Cubs predictions. Teams from the bottom of the leaderboard will compete for important points in the next round of Major League Baseball. And at first glance it seems that there is no clear favorite in the fight.Below we focus on all the nuances that will help you decide on the final choice.

Head to head and recent results

In 2022, the clubs faced up to 10 times: Pittsburgh managed to get six wins, and Chicago is still happy with just four wins. The last time the parties measured forces last fall, and then the representatives of the “city of winds” suffered a painful defeat on someone else’s site (1:12).

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Pittsburgh Pirates

664 points

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Chicago Cubs

748 points

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Pittsburgh Pirates: panoramica del team

Pittsburgh looks relatively good in mid-June, but there’s no need to talk about reaching the playoffs. The team has released direct competitors far ahead, and unfortunately there is no time to correct the situation. Successful performances performed by boys do not develop in stability over a long distance. So, for the rest of the season, they’re unlikely to score anything supernatural.

Chicago Cubs: panoramica del team

Chicago finds itself in a similar situation. Even if in his case things are much worse. The team beat Atlanta twice in the past week. Eventually, however, everything returned to normal. Davis Ross’s executives are still one of the leading outsiders in the league. Sometimes they show a decent baseball, and it is not possible to get out of the prolonged crisis for unclear reasons.

Tournament table

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Seattle Mariners

Seattle Mariners



Pittsburgh Pirates

Pittsburgh Pirates



Detroit Tigers

Detroit Tigers



Chicago Cubs

Chicago Cubs



Kansas City Royals

Kansas City Royals


Pittsburgh Pirates Chicago Cubs pronostico

At this meeting, considerable preference should be given to guests. Not long ago, they correctly cursed opponents, and there is enough reason to believe that this time around, history will repeat itself. Winning Pittsburgh is the most logical option for a duel.

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