Piacenza baseball, Serie B, Fossano

Two braces in a row Piacenza baseball just fails to hit them and, after the good test at home with Ares, has to be content with equalizing on the diamond of the last Fossano in the standings. In game 1 the red and white lose 12-11 in the second overtime after having squandered an 11-2 lead while in game 2 they wipe out the hosts with a peremptory 14-0 in the 8th inning. For better or for worse, Piacenza does everything to which, despite everything, the ranking continues to give hopes for a playoff in the middle of the regular season.

It is not at all excessive to label Piacenza’s match conduct in the morning match as self-injurious. The red and white dominate far and wide for the first 7 innings, at the end of which they lead 11-2. The Piacenza line-up wastes no time and scores 2 points in the opening with the singles of Minoia and Schiavoni and the double of Calderon. And the cliché doesn’t change while Cufrè keeps Piedmontese clubs at bay. At 2nd it is 3-0 with Gardenghi’s single accompanied by a triple from Minoia. The 3rd attack opens with 2 bases and immediately Chacon and Gardenghi do not think too much about placing two singles that are worth 5-0. At 4th, Fossano arrives at home plate for the first time but after Calderon and Chacon beat another two points at home. Everything seems to run smoothly. While Fossano adds another point with difficulty, Piacenza scores 4 between the 6th and 7th inning, thanks to the mistakes of the hosts. On the 11-2 the red and white take a few breaks but the situation continues to present itself anything but worrying, and this also at the 8th when the Cuneo players shorten to 11-5. After all, there is only a defense and the relief Sanna seems to be able to manage the score with ease. And instead, here is the worst version of Piacenza that squanders everything earned in the previous eight in a single inning. To weigh like boulders two errors that open the doors to the unexpected draw (11-11) for Fossano that leads to extra time. The tension suddenly rises and the roulette of the tie-break says badly to the guests who, on the 10th, see the point of advantage eliminated at home base and then on the 11th, for yet another mistake, the fourth of the game, they give the They were the most daring of victories. In the dock as mentioned, the defense. To confirm this, one data above all: considering the points earned on Fossano pitchers alone, he would have lost 10-4.

It was understood that the verdict of game 1 was more the consequence of Piacenza’s demerits than of Fossano’s merits, but if anyone had ever had any doubts about it, the afternoon game thought about unraveling it. Eight one-way innings, Dall’Agnese and Carnevale devastating on the mountain, a booty of 15 singles with Schiavoni and Casana to stand out with three each. A rematch full of interests, built starting from the 3rd inning with the 1-0 son of Casana’s single followed by an error and a crazy pitch. At 5th the entire guest line-up passes with the hits of Chacon, Calderon and Gardenghi interspersed with the bases granted to Cufrè and Gibson and the hit by Perez (5-0). The 6th opens with four valid sticks (Cufrè from two bases) seasoned shortly after by the other single from Perez. And at 9-0 they also leave loaded bases. A Fossano never arrived definitively raises his arms to the 8th, granting the last 5 points that decree the early end of the match at 14-0 (after three bases, Gardenghi thinks about it with a double and Chacon with a sacrificial sprint). A resounding victory, however, useless to cancel the great disappointment in the morning. In the red and white home the opportunities thrown to the winds begin to become too many even if the ranking does not seem to want to give very severe punishments. To save Piacenza for now is the extraordinary balance that reigns in the group but losing more time could be very dangerous in terms of play-offs.

Other results: Catalana- Milan 1-1 (8-7; 0-5), Ares-Avigliana 2-0 (8-3; 7-4), Junior-Codogno 0-2 (2-6; 4-8) .

Ranking: Avigliana 66.7 (12-8-4), Milan 64.3 (14-9-5), Codogno 57.1 (14-8-6), Ares Milan 53.8 (13-7-6), Piacenza 50.0 (14-7- 7), Catalana Alghero 42.9 (14-6-8), Junior Parma 33.3 (12-4-8), Fossano 30.8 (13-4-9).



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