Physical fitness tests begin for Mirandino athletes

At the Parque Miranda Sports Complex, technical work began with 1,200 athletes from the entity, which includes a physical efficiency test, dermatoglyphic evaluation and identification of the qualities of each athlete.

The tests are carried out by stations, the first consists of sports dermatoglyphics, based on the fingerprint; the second will be the anthropometric, measurement of body mass, foot size, wingspan and the third consists of the flexibility test.

There is a fourth phase on base speed and a test in strength and resistance, elbow extensions and abdominals, to close the sixth with cardiorespiratory resistance.

This Monday, 48 young people from the disciplines of boxing, judo, karate do and taekwondo, were checked by specialized personnel in the six tests. By Wednesday, June 29, 58 swimming athletes will be tested.

For their part, 52 chess, basketball, handball, bicycle cross, billiards, canoeing, futsal, kikimbol and volleyball athletes will do so on July 13, while 50 fencing, badminton and badminton athletes will be evaluated on the 27th of the same month. , bodybuilding, artistic gymnastics, parkour and rhythmic.

For Wednesday, August 10, there will be 53 open water, Creole balls, bowling, skating, pentathlon, water polo, archery, sports shooting, triathlon, and weightlifting, to close on Wednesday, August 24, the tests with 20 athletics and field tennis athletes.

Trainers, physical education specialists, sports and health graduates, as well as physiotherapists from the state of Miranda, prior to the start of the dermatoglyphic and physical fitness tests, participated in training workshops on the objective, mission, vision of the plan, as well as as the methodology and analysis, reported the government of Miranda in a press release.




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