PHOTO / Antonella, the Chirs boys, badminton. Sportdays gives emotions to Mercogliano

Some have rightly called them “screaming emotions”. Rightly so, because the penultimate day of “Sportdays” gave everyone present unforgettable moments. Once again the provincial delegate of Coni, Giuseppe Saviano, won his challenge, that of integration and sharing, with the day of different skills that was held in Mercogliano, near the municipal swimming pool, a day organized in collaboration with the municipal administration and the Pro Loco led by Stefania Porraro.

The greatest emotions were given by Antonella Renzulli and the boys of Chirs Avellino di Pagliuca. They enchanted with their dances, harmonious steps executed to perfection, which involved everyone and everything. The “magic” continued when they also performed with the tarantella school of Montemarano, unrestrained rhythms that went on for some time.

An afternoon to be framed also thanks to the parlampico badminton curated by Costantino Maietta and Berardino Lo Chiatto, a discipline that also finds the approval of many young people, as happened yesterday in Mercogliano. “Sportdays”, in short, is about to end with a bang. This afternoon a great appointment with the amateur boxing meeting between athletes of the Fiamme Oro and a representative of Irpinia, organized by the sporitive group of the Police, the Campanian Federpugilato committee and the Cardamone Boxing Academy.

Then the curtain will also fall on the 21st edition of “Sportdays” which this year has also been very successful on social networks.



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