Philatelic cancellation for the 120 years of Fijlkam at Coni Campania

«Postage stamp and postcard: a pairing that will go down in history from tomorrow». He is thrilled Antonio Bracciantepresident of the regional committee Fijlkam Campania. And the reason is quickly explained. To celebrate her 120 years, marked by 1231 medals in international competitions at senior level and over 115 team medals, the Italian federation of judo, fight, karate and martial arts has well thought of celebrating this anniversary in the best possible way.

Appointment with history. For the occasion the Fijlkam Campaniain collaboration with the Cones Campaniachaired by Sergio Roncelli, created a special philatelic postmark. Tomorrow on the way Alessandro Longo (from 9.30 to 15) will operate a mobile office of Italian post and it will be possible to have the original postcard as a gift, taking advantage of the special postal cancellation free of charge. They will intervene Emanuela Ferrantecouncilor for sport and equal opportunities of the municipality of Naplese Giuseppe Abbamontechief inspector admiral of the Navy.

Roma. The stamp was presented this morning in the presence of the judoka Maria Centracchiobronze a Tokyo 2020from Domenico Falconepresident Fijlkam, Valentina Vezzaliundersecretary of state at the Presidency of the Council of Ministers in the Draghi governmentwith responsibility for sport, Giancarlo Giorgettiminister of Economical progressand the deputy Felice Marianithe first Italian athlete to win an Olympic medal in judo (bronze a Montreal 1976), as well as technician of Pino Maddalonigold a Sydney 2000.

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