Persebaya News Popular Today: The Failure of Bajul Ijo until Marselino Ferdinand Called The National Team

SURYA.CO.ID – Here popular Persebaya news today, Tuesday (21/6/2022), about the failure of Bajul Ijo to qualify for the big 8 round President’s Cup 2022 huntil Marselino Ferdinand who was called up to the national team.

Competition Bali United vs Persebaya This will be the end of the 2022 President’s Cup match which will be followed by Bajul Ijo.

The reason is that the match will determine whether Persebaya Surabaya can enter the big 8 round and continue the struggle.

As is known, Bali United overturned Persebaya Surabaya’s hopes with a score of 1-0 in the match which was held on Monday (20/6/2022) night.

Here’s the full news.

1. Persebaya Surabaya will not proceed to the last 8 round

Ramdhani Lestaluhu scored the winning goal for Bali United in the 52nd minute.

After a 0-0 draw until the first half, at the start of the second half Persebaya included a number of new players, Rizky Ridho replaced Dandi Maulana, Ahmad Nofiandani replaced M Supriadi.

Meanwhile, Bali United has not entered any new players.

The entry of a number of new players made the tension of Persebaya’s attack more lively.



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