“Perhaps the most advantageous extension in history”

In 2012 Stephen Curry, 24, extended to the Warriors for 44 million dollars over 4 years. At the time, the leader was not yet the superstar we know, his recurrent ankle problems were worrying and this contract was even considered a risk for the team. Today of course, this signature appears as a huge steal.

“Perhaps the most advantageous extension in history” slipped Curry in the podcast of Draymond Green after the victory of Golden State in the Finals against Boston

Sure enough, Curry, 2015 and 2016 MVP, champion in 2015, quickly became underpaid.

“A year later it was already the worst deal in the history of professional sport. One year later. For you. For the Warriors, it was the best deal in history on the contrary. » Draymond Green

With a Curry on the cheap, the team was able to quietly keep Klay Thompson and Green, and even add Kevin Durant on the roster in 2016. At the time and when the salary cap had already exploded, the leader only earned $ 11 million a year.

“You also have to put things into perspective, $44 million over 4 years is more money than my father earned in his entire NBA career. I know how much the league has grown since. It’s a very nice sum, which brought me great financial security. »Stephen Curry

In 2017, the jackpot fell: 5 years and $201 million. A contract further extended by 4 years last year, for 215 million dollars. He is currently the only player to have signed 2 contracts worth more than 200 million dollars in a row. In 2025-26, he will be paid around $60 million per season. It was worth the wait!




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