Penvenan. Judo: Loeiza Ollivier, a well-rounded judoka

Loeiza Ollivier, surrounded by her dad Frédéric (on the left) and William Buron, president of the judo section of AC Penvénan. ©Jérémy Nédélec / Le Trégor

At 14, Loeiza Ollivier won the silver medal at France U23 Championships in Ceyrat (Puy-de-Dome).

This happiness of the end of May was a goal for the Penvenanaisebut also a nice surprise come to embellish a competition which had started timidly.

A strong collective

This performance is first and foremost that of Loeiza, a “pure butter” Penvénanaise. “I started at the section baby-judo of the club, at 3 years old”, says the teenager, calm and discreet.

A year ago, she joined the hope center in Rennes to continue its progress. “From the first year, participate in French championships…”, emphasizes William Buronpresident of the judo section of the ACP.

Loeiza I knew her when I was 6 or 7 years old. We saw that she had skills. Despite the two years of Covid-19, she has made great progress.

William Buron, president of the judo section of the ACP

Despite the vagaries of the health crisis, the club was able to maintain its outdoor training for judokas.

This emulation has been invaluable for Loeiza, who can count on the advice of his coaches, in Rennes, or in Trégor : Mickaël Balcou, Stéphane Coquin, William Buron, Christophe Raoul, Guillaume Lechat.

At the pole of Rennes

And then, it is also the pride of family : Father Frederic, president of the ACP, and mum Adeline, both physiotherapists in Penvénan; his big sister Aelig, and his little sister Lilwenn…who has taken up judo again this year! “I know the sacrifices, the time and the passion it takes,” says Frédéric.

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At the pole, Loeiza learns.

Next year, I will be one of the “leaders” of girls in my weight category (under 63 kg). I have to lead by example, to be even more regular in training. And to be stronger and stronger, not to be afraid of hurting, to be less in reserve…

Loeiza Ollivier

“It’s better to have a bit of reserve, to see how it works, and then to really break free. But it’s part of his character, ”notes his dad.

the judoka, youngest Brittany champion in May 2019trains 12 to 15 hours a week, not to mention the competitions and the many trips.

This year, we have traveled a bit: Bressuire, La Roche-sur-Yon, Nogent-sur-Oise, Ceyrat, thus lists Frédéric. For us as parents too, it’s new, and we have to be present. She still has two sisters, you have to be able to take care of everyone.

Frederic Olivier

This balance and this support, “it’s one of the keys”adds William.

Discipline allows Loeiza to let off steam, “because I am quite energetic. And when I don’t do judo, during the holidays for example, it is known directly ”. “At home, it’s unbearable,” teases the father.

I like the individual aspect: you’re alone against the person opposite, if you lose it’s your fault, if you win, it’s thanks to you.

Loeiza Ollivier

Level up

A good way to grow, too. “Next year, we’ll let her learn something else by going on her own,” considers her first supporter.

Loeiza is eyeing places on the national tournaments of an even higher level. Next year there will be the French D1 championships, in Paris. “I really want to make a podium,” she aims.

She knows on which aspects of her judo she can improve:

Broaden my technical palette, better place my hands properly, and progress on the ground. And the emotional aspect too.

Certificate and black belt

Also passionate about hairdressing, dancing (and her dog), Loeiza dreams of a high level career. And his smile widens when he speaks of “THE champion” Clarisse Agbégnénou.

In 3e to Anne of Brittany in Rennes, the schoolgirl hopes to pass the examination of the patent with ippon…well, with honors. The examination of another sesame has already been validated: Loeiza will obtain her black belt on his 15th birthdayOctober 2.

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