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OSTIA (Rome)

The PalaPellicone in Ostia (Rome) hosts the judo A1 Italian Cup final reserved for junior and senior classes. There are 200 athletes on the Lazio coast and the Dojo Equipe Bologna of president Fabio Fabbroni and the Budokan Institute of maestro Francesco Di Feliciantonio, collect excellent results. The Dojo Equipe, having to deal with a couple of injuries, appears on the mats with four athletes, Luca Villanova, Rossella Boccola, Irene Pedrotti and Betty Vuk. Immediately gold for Irene Pedrotti who does not discount anyone in the category up to 70 kilos. Irene, despite an ankle injury that bothered her a lot preventing her from participating in the National University Championships, rules the Turin Franzosi in the final after beating the Ligurian Campanella in the semifinal. The second gold comes from Betty Vuk who wins first place in the category up to 78 kilos. A nice double considering that Betty herself had imposed herself on the University of Cassino. Bronze for Rossella Boccola (63 kilos) who obtained the same result as the university students. Seventh place for Luca Villanova (100 kilos). For the Dojo second place in the ranking by company.

Four athletes also at the start for the Budokan Institute: Andrea Bertuzzi, Caterina Osti, Daniele Gasparri and Gian Marco Coppari. Following the group the federal technician Alessandro Ansaloni. Andrea Bertuzzi, already silver in A2, stops at the first meeting suffering a small injury with the Treviso-born Vittorio Maglione. Caterina Osti ends in fifth place in the category of female maximums. Good match for Daniele Gasparri (formerly silver in A2) who puts the bronze medal around his neck in the heavyweight. Finally, a great performance for Gian Marco Coppari, silver in the middleweight category.

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