Pedro Hungary takes basketball in front of Valerio Park – Sports Poster

SANTIAGO.- The quintet from Calle Pedro M. Hungary took the lead in the final series, in
the Parque Valerio League Basketball Tournament, which is dedicated to Mrs.
Minerva Martínez, mother of former sports star Tony Sánchez.
The basketball players of Pedro M. Hungary prevailed over their rivals of the Wolves of the
Príamo Franco Street to place the series 2-1 in his favor.
The fourth meeting will be held this Tuesday at 8:00 at night and if it occurs
a victory for Pedro M. Hungary will win the Trapiche Liquor Store Cup, which will be
contest in the tournament.
On the other hand, the Lobos de la Príamo Franco and who were the winners of the lap
regular, they will try to extend the series to a maximum of five games.
José “Cheo” Pérez, sponsor of the championship through Trapiche Liquor Store, said
that this Tuesday will be there with the Cup in case the end of the event occurs
delivery to the champions.
“Otherwise we will return on Thursday for the decisive clash,” explained the businessman and
But, he said he hopes that Ms. Minerva Martínez will be present so that between the two of them they can
delivery of the Grand Cup to the team that is monarch.
The tournament began with four teams from the lower part of Santiago, Plaza sector
Valerio and La Joya and already two were eliminated, such as Capotillo and
The championship is organized by the Neighborhood Committee Faith and Hope of La Plaza Valerio.
The Trapiche Liquor Store Cup only awaits the champion.

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