Pedri’s dart to Real Madrid?

Pedri It’s not making much noise. On the contrary. But just as the pressure on the pitch can’t beat him, off it, he’s also capable of saying what he thinks without hesitation. In his interview in the British newspaper ‘The Guardian’the midfielder of Barça he makes a complete statement of intent, defending the philosophy of his club, and, who knows, maybe also throwing a dart at the eternal rival, Real Madrid. “Some clubs are content to win, however they do it. Barcelona he wants to win but to do it by playing with the ball, creating chances, with this idea. I like this football more “, he sentences.

Pedri applies the idea of Barça in Sergio Busquets: “He has to endure, attract, leave another one on one: we know he can face five, six and clean them up. You have to attract opponents, be able to go alone”, highlights the man from Tegueste regarding the role of the Barça captain.

“It’s having self-confidence,” he adds. Pedri. “You don’t have time to think, but it’s trusting your ability, and you can tell when you don’t have that. It’s also brave to be physically strong, to take those risks; that’s not easy either. But it’s a different kind of bravery. In the middle of the field, when the game is at its worst, you have to have the confidence to ask for the ball and the confidence to keep it”, details the Canarian midfielder, putting in value the football that he champions.

Finally, Pedri makes an X-ray of where current football is going, and with which he does not feel identified. “Lately, I think there has been a shift towards the player who runs more than the player who is a coach, who understands the game. Football is becoming more robotic but there are still those who break that rule. I still play for fun. I always do it and that’s the best thing a footballer can do. If you’re enjoying it, you’re going to play much better”, claimed the Canarian.

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