Paying to see the ACB return to Fontajau will be cheaper than 14 years ago

The return of the ACB league to Girona next season can be continued with cheaper prices, even those that were there 14 years ago when the Akasvayu project collapsed. As announced this morning by Bàsquet Girona, the season ticket renewal campaign will start next Wednesday and will do so with very greedy rates, with prices ranging from 120 to 290 euros. In the 2007/08 season, the last of the old CB Girona in the ACB, the cheapest card, in depth, was worth 290 euros (just like now it will cost a lower center), and the most expensive, in the grandstand , were priced between 430 and 480 euros. The club’s goal, obviously, is to take advantage of the promotion to the highest category of Spanish men’s basketball to multiply the subscribers, who this season have been around 1,500, in the LEB Or.

The rates announced by the club today they divide the Fontajau pavilion into several sectors. At the moment, the opening of the old youth bleachers is not contemplated, as if it was done by the Final Four. The cheapest areas will be the funds (120 and 150 euros, depending on whether they occupy higher or lower places), and the family area, located in blocks 1 and 18, where a child under 8 can access for free . If a child occupies another area, they will have to pay it at the price stated in that locality, without discount. The sides will be sold at 170 and 200 euros, and the central area at 255 and 290. Row 0 will be priced at 1,900 euros and in this case is the only fare more expensive than the prices of the 14-year-old Akasvayu back. At that time, the VIP area was worth 1,200.

Unlike the season that culminated in the promotion to the ACB, the next one in principle there will be no membership card figure that it did exist this year. The membership card gave a series of extra benefits, and then, at the same time, the membership card had to be acquired. The club is working on reformulating this membership card, which is not yet defined.

The season ticket renewal campaign will start next Wednesday, June 29th. While new registrations will open from Tuesday, July 5.



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