Pavel Petřikov: He felt wronged at the Olympics, the children know him as a dwarf from Long Live the Ghosts

  • Fascination with judo (1:45)
  • Problems with bullying (6:06)
  • Role in Long live the ghosts (13:10)
  • The first Olympics in 1980 (17:42)
  • Boycott of Los Angeles (22:15)
  • Judoka training (29:30)
  • Very long Olympic qualification (40:25)

Petřikov belongs to the generation of athletes who were significantly affected by the boycott of the Los Angeles Olympics in 1984. “It was a shock, but it had been leaking for some time. For me, it was when I was at the top, “he muses in Conquered Petřikov, who was 20 seconds apart from the semifinals at the next Olympics in Seoul in 1988. In the end, he finished ninth.

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In addition to sports, Petřikov appeared in the role of one of the dwarves in the fairy tale Long Live the Ghosts. “At that time, Mr. Sovák and Mr. Brodský told their stories there during the filming days, I remember that very much,” says Petřikov, who eventually appeared in the shot for two seconds.

“Even so, today all the children I train have to watch when they show it on TV,” laughs the judoka, who started training immediately after the end of his career. In addition to the youth, he also led the women’s representation.

“Coaching girls is different and I would say harder. It can sometimes be a problem in the team to direct them to one goal, “admits the coach, who celebrated medals with the women’s national team at the World and European Championships.

He spoke about why he doesn’t like footballers, about the hopes of Czech judo or the trouble that almost cost him his career during socialism.

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