Paulo Futre e Mr. Remedy alinham no Mario Strikers: Battle League Football – Record Gaming

Mario Strikers: Battle League Football for Nintendo Switch is out now and features Strike – the five-on-five sport that encourages mayhem and where you do whatever it takes to win. It’s like football, if football had no referee and no rules. Naturally, the famous footballer, Paulo Futre, and the fun streamer, Mr. Remedy, couldn’t resist joining in on the fun: watch the historic and hilarious moment in the video Mario Strikers: Battle League Football – Reported by Paulo Futre and Mr. Remedy! (Nintendo Switch).

In Mario Strikers: Battle League Football, players can choose from many familiar faces from the Mushroom Kingdom, including Mario, Peach, Donkey Kong and Toad, and play locally* with up to eight players or participate in online competitions.** Players can use a team entry to help a teammate cover extra ground, take down opponents, or catch an orb strike to fire a hyper-shot to score two points… if they hit the target successfully. Strike has no faults – which means the opposing team will wish they never crossed paths with you!

Even without rules, protection is paramount. While this is a game that easily jumps into action, players can also deploy more complete strategies, using flashy gear that can be equipped to increase their team’s stats and whose attributes vary between characters, including increased speed and shooting. , more scoring potential, or extra ability to resist tackles. Each character also has their own Striker style to discover.

Now properly equipped, players can gather their fearsome friends in Club Strikers mode, online only. In this mode, players can create their own club with up to 20 forwards or join an existing one and then compete against other clubs to earn points and climb the rankings each season. Club owners can customize the club uniform and also get badges after each match which can be used to customize the club’s stadium.



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