Paths in the valleys of well-being between archery and nougat

Stop at the Molinello di Grottaminarda park


“Paths in the Valli del Ben Vivere” returns on June 25 with the appointment of Grottaminarda, the Lead Municipality, for a day at the Molinello Park between trekking, archery and tasting of the typical nougat.

After the guided tours with tasting in Rocca San Felice, Vallata, Bonito, Villamaina and San Sossio, the first part of the bill comes to an end, with a total of 20 appointments.

In Grottaminarda the visitor can spend a morning in the name of nature, sport and taste. Between walkways, small streams, bridges and a rich vegetation of Mediterranean scrub, starting with the centuries-old “Maritime Pine” that stands right at the entrance to the “Molinello Park”, you will be accompanied on a “soft trekking” path, immersed in nature but a stone’s throw from the town. The natural park, in fact, also known as “Macchio”, is located close to the urban center, below the Aquino Castle and the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore and represents an important green lung for Grottaminarda.

The archers of the Company “14 Reds” then, dressed up in medieval clothes, will give a demonstration of archery towards 3D animal silhouettes, giving the visitor the opportunity to try their hand at “instinctive shooting”.

In addition, under a gazebo set up specifically in the Park, there will be a tasting of the typical Grottese “Torrone”, a strictly artisan dessert that is the result of a centuries-old tradition by the sommelier and cooking expert Dina Meninno and with the collaboration of all the Grottaminarda nougat masters: Antonio Cardinale, Franco Cataruozzolo, Dolci Terre, La Delizia, Minarda, Michele Romano, Roberto Romano, Giuseppe Ulto, Rocco Ulto.

Participation in the initiative is completely free but it is necessary to book by calling 333.4590964. For safety reasons, in fact, the number of visitors will be limited and access to the park will be allowed in staggered groups every hour starting at 9.30. For this reason the program will undergo a slight change and nougat will be offered on arrival instead of at the end, together with a welcome coffee.

It should always be remembered that the intervention is co-financed by the Poc Campania 2014/2020. Urban Regeneration, Tourism and Culture Policies – Unified Program of Cultural, Naturalistic and Enogastronomic Tourist Routes of National and International scope.



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