Park So-jin turned into a pregnant woman in a storm because she did not announce her husband’s death

Park So-jin (Photo=provided by Noon Company)

Park So-jin appeared in tvN’s one-act drama ‘Do not announce the death of her husband’, showing a different face with clear expressive power.

The fourth work of the tvN drama project ‘O’PENing’, ‘Don’t announce the death of your husband’, is an unprecedented event that takes place while a man with a 1% chance of fertility hides the death of his husband to give birth safely to a moody pregnant woman who doesn’t know where to go. A human comedy drama about a safe pregnancy project.

In ‘Don’t Announce Your Husband’s Death’ this time, Park So-jin plays Yoo Young-joo, a pregnant woman in a raging storm. There was a time when she was prospering as a beautiful badminton player, but after she withdrew due to her panic disorder, she suffered national scorn for her various misunderstandings and quit her playing career. As if to escape her, Yoo Young-joo, who is miraculously pregnant 10 years after her marriage, tries her best to become her good mother. Her expectations are already high in her fantastic breath that she will show with her actor Kim Nam-hee, who plays the role of Yoon Jae-young.

Park So-jin, who comfortably blends into a character regardless of genre, confirms a wide acting spectrum. This year, she is showing her impressive filmography in front of the public from the movie ‘Spring Day’ to the dramas ‘Shooting Star’, ‘Don’t announce your husband’s death’ and ‘Wedding’. In her new Sat-Sun drama ‘Happy Marriage’, which is about to be aired, she takes on the role of Joo-wol, the owner of her Kibang, Chiseon-ru, and challenges her first historical drama since her debut. did.

As Park So-jin fully proves the competence that she has accumulated in each work, curiosity is added to her performance as she clearly captures the unusual situation and emotions of Yoo Young-joo in ‘Do not announce the death of her husband’.

Meanwhile, ‘Don’t Announce Your Husband’s Death’ will be broadcast at 12:10 pm on the 24th.

By Jung-min Yoo, staff reporter for Tenasia [email protected]

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